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Country specific traffic to your business website

How to Get Country Specific Traffic to Your Business Website

Birdie Martin shares her expert advice on the best strategies use to target country specific website traffic and improve business conversions.

An enhanced search engine ranking in your target audience country means a high conversion and lead generation for your business. This can be achieved through a myriad of strategies that aims to improve you search engine ranking in that particular country

Google Webmaster Tool

Use Google Webmaster Tool - a free tool provided by Google to help marketers and bloggers looking for a country-specific audience. With Google Webmaster Geo-Targeting, you can set which country your website is targeted to so that you tap into traffic from that country.

Domain name

Consider buying a country-specific domain name if you want to get a higher rank of your website or blog on the CRP for a specific country. Try using domain extensions line .au (Australia) or (UK) or (Canada) for better results.


Backlinks are a great source of generating website traffic. Try building backlinks that are country-specific using guest blogging strategies or by doing blog commenting. Again, if you’re targeting traffic from the U.S, build more backlinks from U.S based websites.

Create content targeting

Input the region or country’s name in the Meta title and Meta text of your posts. This enables your content to be more keyword-targeted and indicates that you’re targeting a specific country. Your content should be superior in terms of readability to help enhance its ranking on search engine results page.

Web Hosting Server Location

Geo-targeted traffic relies hugely on web server location. Host your website only in the country for which its traffic you’re targeting. This ensures that your website loads faster in that country due to the server’s IP. It also as helps search engines to locate your server.

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