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Lead Generation Business Writing Tips

Top 4 Business Writing Tips for Successful Lead Generation

Description on-page: Birdie Martin offers expert advice on how creating solid result-oriented business writing can result in successful lead generation.

Today’s customer is “tech savvy” and can do their own research about brands, products, and services through a wide range of useful resources such as online forums, social media and search engines.

Follow these business writing tips to help you build trust and capture the interest of readers which could result to successful lead generation.

1. Target audience

Make sure you know your target audiences before you begin to write. Be sure with what specific results you hope to achieve from your writing. You can take few moments and visualize yourself in the reader’s perspective and imagine what their world is like.

2. Conversational tone

Tailor your writing to your readers by not being too formal and bureaucratic. Since you know your audience, make your writing style personal and discuss issues that specifically affect each individual. Do not alienate your readers but write as though you’re having a conversation with an individual customer.

3. Strong active voice

In order to generate leads to your business, you have to express confidence and decisiveness in your writing. Your readers want to see that you’re confident talking to them about your products and services. Do not write in impersonal passive voice but instead focus on strong active voice.

4. Reputable testimonials

Since your mission is to convince your readers to trust and purchase your products or service, it is important that you employ reputable testimonials in your business writing. Don’t emphasize your writing on phrases like “we are the leader in this field” or “we’re number one” as they will not get you anywhere.

Author: Birdie Martin

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